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Using Testimonials in Sales & Marketing Materials

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Most marketers and sales people know that prospects will always believe a testimonial from a user of the product or service being pitched over the salesperson or advertising media pitching them. Testimonials are what lend “social proof” – proof from a non-invested 3rd party that your product or services provide the value(s) they claim to.

I was recently asked in a class I was teaching, how many testimonials are too many for a landing page? I thought this was an excellent question and I don’t think there is one right answer. Many marketers would yell, “What? You can NEVER have too many testimonials on a landing page! People can move past them if they don’t want to read them – the more the better!” Which does have some validity. In reality, I think it depends on the landing page and what you are using it for.

So, instead of answering how many testimonials are too many? I want to focus of how I like to use testimonials in my marketing materials. Testimonials are the opportunity for you to have a 3rd party answer objections before they are presented, so that by the time someone gets to the close or offer, all of their concerns have been addressed by a “reliable” source, rather than the pitchman.

So, I recommend you consider every objection someone is likely to throw at your offer and then match up the testimonial that resolves it. I would make sure each testimonials discusses the positive the user experienced using the product or service and one concern they had before they tried it. Then, I would have them give their positive feedback about the issue that concerned then. More as, someone may wonder things like:

“Does the product really deliver the results being presented?”

“How long does it take for the results to be experienced?”

“Are there hidden charges or requirements for the product?”

“Is it going to be difficult?”

Using 3rd party testimonials to address each of the different objections while touting the results they experienced gives the product or service credibility by multiple people, while focusing in on each of the potential objections from the prospect.

This is, in my experience, the most powerful way to incorporate testimonials into sales and marketing materials.