Rachel_Perlmutter_PR_ImageRachel Perlmutter spent over 20 years at the helm of Sales and Marketing for a variety of different companies. Her honest, direct, and meticulous attention to detail has earned the trust and respect of esteemed businesses such as Airgas Inc., Interline Brands, SunStar, Worldbook Telemarketing, and ADVO Inc., among others. Her impressive depth of knowledge was cultivated through performing the roles of Sales and Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, National Accounts Manager, Field Sales Executive, Project Manager and Consultant, covering both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, as well as the retail and wholesale industries.

This has given Rachel a multi-dimensional understanding of Sales and Marketing which she has developed into an analytical and strategic mind-set, applicable to a wide range of businesses.

Rachel provides each client with practical strategies that remove obstacles impeding growth, and guides them through a step-by-step process that will meet or exceed their targeted goals. She brings a unique level of commitment to her clients in her flexibility to work on any stage or aspect of their business, and apply her project management expertise to deliver successful results.

If you are looking for guidance with the intent and/or budget to do the marketing functions of your company yourself, Rachel is available for one-on-one coaching and strategic planning sessions.

Rachel has chosen an array of skilled associates who work with her clients when specific issues need to be addressed as part of the overall strategic plan. These associates are specialists in their fields and are dedicated team members that enhance the creative and technical aspects of each project, fine tuning the details to achieve innovative and efficient solutions for your business.

How I have helped others

  • Emily Duval, Certified Fitness Trainer, South Bay Fit Camp

    Rachel's guidance has been utterly invaluable. As a small business owner looking to grow, I was unsure of the next steps to take, and just knew I was missing a vital link in my marketing strategy. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated by my futile efforts. Rachel's business savvy and straightforward approach have helped me formulate clear plans for taking my business to the next level. I just love the way she helps me find solutions that fit my specific situation, and to look at marketing with a keener eye. I can already see progress, and now I feel focused and excited about what the future holds!

    —Emily Duval, Certified Fitness Trainer, South Bay Fit Camp