Rave Reviews

  • Blair Singer

    Rachel Perlmutter has been a tremendous asset to my team over the past 4 years. There are very few people that I have found in my 20+ years in the business who are as effective, thorough and loyal to a client’s marketing message as she is. She has provided online marketing strategy, copy writing, website development and social media services for Blair Singer Companies helping us to attract new customers and introduce them to our products and services all over the world. She and her team are always there, always responsive, always right by our side. I honestly forget sometimes that she has other clients, she is so involved and committed to our business. If you are looking for a dedicated, loyal and all-star team member to help you with online marketing strategy or implementation, I highly recommend Rachel and her team at The Art of Online Marketing!

    —Blair Singer
  • Jeffrey G. Hakim, Vantage Real Estate Solutions

    Having worked with other web developers left me skeptical of ever finding one I could trust to give me good advice, high quality service, and a website that I would love. Then I found Rachel at The Art of Online Marketing. She really made the effort to understand exactly what I wanted my site to look like and what I wanted it to be able to do. She also made suggestions based on research she did for my industry. She never tried to oversell me, just met my needs, and made recommendations that would help me get the most return on the budget I had set aside for the project. Once we agreed on the look and functionality, I felt comfortable that Rachel’s team would be able to deliver. And they did! I got exactly what I wanted (and more) from a team that really cares. They have excellent communication, fair prices and great service. They provide super fast updates for me, as well, included in a low monthly support fee. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a new website, or wants to update an existing one!

    —Jeffrey G. Hakim, Vantage Real Estate Solutions
  • Marlene Hoffman, Partner, Makeover Gallery International

    Rachel was a great sounding board for Makeover Gallery International when we were reviewing sales, marketing and production processes with our partners and outside vendors. She was able to point out agreements that were not written in our favor and help us challenge them with meaningful and professional arguments, as well as brainstorming for the future growth of our business.

    —Marlene Hoffman, Partner, Makeover Gallery International
  • Pam Maxwell, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Interline Brands Residential and Commercial Property MRO Supplier Jacksonville, FL

    Rachel Perlmutter has provided sales and marketing consulting and project work for Interline Brands consistently the past 5 years. The great thing about Rachel is her desire to deliver results, whether they are strategic or more hands-on implementation. She has the ability to lead a team, operate collaboratively, or work on her own. She is an outstanding communicator who strives to provide the specific results we are seeking, whether through strategic planning, temporary management roles, documentation, research, or vendor management. Her ability to speak the language of the management and multi-level associates she interacts with within our organization allows her to effectively and efficiently get her work done

    Along with a commonsense approach to projects, Rachel works within our budget and will help us prioritize our needs and organize our resources so we maintain high value from her efforts. Below are just some of the services Rachel has provided to us over the years:

    • Situation analysis and strategic planning
    • Process documentation, analysis, and redevelopment
    • Brand review and development
    • New product and competition research
    • Intranet site concept development
    • Marketing collateral development
    • Sales incentive programs
    • Acted as Marketing Manager in a temporary role

    We are excited to have Rachel as a resource and look forward to working with her for many years to come.

    —Pam Maxwell, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Interline Brands Residential and Commercial Property MRO Supplier Jacksonville, FL
  • Emily Duval, Certified Fitness Trainer, South Bay Fit Camp

    Rachel's guidance has been utterly invaluable. As a small business owner looking to grow, I was unsure of the next steps to take, and just knew I was missing a vital link in my marketing strategy. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated by my futile efforts. Rachel's business savvy and straightforward approach have helped me formulate clear plans for taking my business to the next level. I just love the way she helps me find solutions that fit my specific situation, and to look at marketing with a keener eye. I can already see progress, and now I feel focused and excited about what the future holds!

    —Emily Duval, Certified Fitness Trainer, South Bay Fit Camp
  • Jo Anne Kurman, Singer/Songwriter, Author of Dreams for Sale, Poems & Lyrics

    As a novice to the online marketing scene and a woman over fifty, I found Rachel Perlmutter and Adrianne Machina’s course on Social Media Marketing to be understandable, demystifying and fun all at the same time. For me, this was huge. I no longer fear that I am missing the tantalizing boat of online marketing tools I thought were only for people younger and technologically smarter than me. I highly recommend this course as a one-stop for anyone who desires to fully grasp and utilize current online marketing tools to launch or greatly enhance their twenty-first century dreams.

    —Jo Anne Kurman, Singer/Songwriter, Author of Dreams for Sale, Poems & Lyrics
  • Debra Weisser Owner, Hem Eze

    Rachel... done wonders for my company. I have learned so much about how to use the web to network professionally with others and move my company to it’s greatest potential. Rachel has great integrity and is a true professional. I highly recommend her.

    —Debra Weisser Owner, Hem Eze
  • Dr. Stephen Coates

    Rachel at The Art of Online Marketing has helped me significantly increase visits to my website with search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is now the top method that generates new clients for our practice. Rachel is very responsive, provides excellent communication and outstanding customer service. I highly recommend working with The Art of Online Marketing to help you attract new clients to your business with online traffic. I can attest that I had a 7 fold ROI in my first year with her team and the results have continued every year!

    —Dr. Stephen Coates
  • Brad Dunn, Owner, Custom European

    Kudos to Rachel and her team on our new website and logo! We explained to Rachel what we wanted and she took a conversation and turned it into a functioning and effective website very quickly. She even gave us a really easy “developer tool” so that we could make changes to the website without having to get help from someone else, or pay anyone else to do it. When we needed help with voiceovers for our video and the redesign of our logo, she stepped in and gave us exactly what we were looking for, at an affordable price. If you are looking for someone who is easy to work with, can help you realize your goals for your website needs, and assist you with any other marketing concerns, I highly recommend Rachel Perlmutter.

    —Brad Dunn, Owner, Custom European

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